PMA being hit at a crossing

Source: FB/Vincent Soh

” Guys this is my grandfather. he was crossing the traffic light, and the traffic light was green man. but the taxi was speeding and end up hitting my grandpa, my grandma was there too. Taxi driver told the TP that he wasn’t speeding but my grandpa say he did, if not how come the handicap wheelchair tyre like that and his cap/his specs fly off. lucky there’s a lot of GrabFood people if not I don’t know what happen. my grandpa is in hospital now, his a bit okay, thank you to those have helped.

This happened  at Chua Chu Kang, Keat Hong, Mirage.  Please pray for him & please drive safe 🙏🏼 and for the taxi driver, we all want to claim everything from you.” – Norr Amira

Happened on 16/11/19 evening.

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