Platinum Dogs Club owner’s car tires nailed for parking badly


The tires of Jaguar Xe SMD4472U were spotted in Chinatown MSCP with nails poked into them for parking badly. Someone then left a note on the windshield to notify the owner. Happened on 5 September 2021 at Chinatown MSCP.
Coincidentally, the car seemingly belongs to the owner of Platinum Dogs Club, which has been in the news over the past year for causing the death of several dogs under their care. One has to wonder if the car was intentionally targeted. The case was sentenced just last week on 31 Aug 2021, where the defendant Charlotte Liew, 33, was jailed for two weeks and fined $35,700. You can read all about the case details at the links below and also sign the petition that’s been circulating online calling for a heftier sentence.

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