PA7251B Private Bus queue cutting and speeding on BKE

Location: AYE (Tuas) Clementi Ave 6 exit and BKE (Woodlands) near Mandai exit
Date/Time: 2019-09-23 / 07:57 pm
Submitted by: CVE20170144

Two incidents.

1. PA7251B recklessly crossed double white line and chevrons in order to cut the queue on AYE (Tuas) turning into Clementi Ave 6) infront of cam-car. Making things worse PA7251B jammed brake to try create accident.

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2. In second incident PA7251B sped at 90 km/h on BKE (Woodlands) around Mandai exit and again dangerously cut into Lane 1 in front of a fast moving private vehicle. Private vehicle again has to jam brake to avoid accident.

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