Official: SG Bike has taken over Mobike’s fleet of 25,000 bicycles in Singapore

Source: SG Bike

The license transfer is completed! Yay!

SG Bike is happy to share that we have gotten the approval from LTA and have taken over Mobike’s license of 25,000 bicycles to become the largest bike sharing operator in Singapore! Thank you for waiting!

I heard there is a FREE TRIAL to unlock Mobike for free…!?
That’s right! All Mobike bicycles will be F-R-E-E for the first 30 minutes of each trip. HUURRRAYY!

From Wednesday (Nov. 27), 10 am onward, all existing Mobike bicycles will be made available on the SG Bike app for hire. Existing Mobike users can also transfer and convert their Mobike account credit and ride pass to their SG Bike account. To do so, they have to download the latest SG Bike app and create an account or login with the same existing Mobike mobile number.



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