Maserati driver who dragged officer with car sentenced to 4 years jail and life ban from driving

Credit: SG Road Vigilante

28-07-2020: The Maserati driver, Lee Cheng Yan, 36, who dragged a police officer who hung onto his car for 124m on November 17, 2017, has been sentenced to a lifetime ban from driving, along with four years and seven months in prison and a S$3,700 fine.

The case saw the police officer signal Mr Lee to stop for not wearing his seat belt. Mr Lee, who at the time was banned from driving, refused and the police officer held onto his door and was dragged along the road. The officer sustained injuries which later led to him downgrading his medical status. For voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, Lee faced a maximum jail term of 15 years and a fine or caning.

Mr Lee also has missed 3 of his sentencing court dates, using medical leave as an excuse, obtaining his MC from the same private clinic, Goh Medical Clinic, on all occasions. He was convicted in December 2019 of all 10 charges against him, including voluntarily causing grievous hurt to a public servant, failing to stop after an accident and obstructing justice.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor also said Lee had “all but spun an entire fairytale” in his earlier defence that someone else had been driving the Maserati at the time.

Lee’s defence lawyer argued that Lee was taking care of his brother, who had intellectual disabilities, as well as his parents who also had a history of medical conditions. He added that Lee had not seen his two young daughters for more than a year, and that his Japanese wife was currently unable to enter the country.

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