Man who forgot his mask grateful for lady bus captain’s kindness

Credit: Steven Ho

A man on Facebook known as Steven Ho shared his experience on how he was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the kindness of a lady bus captain. Steven had forgotten his mask and had run out of the bus after boarding in order to go back home to get it. The bus captain told him there was no need for him to do that as she had spare ones she could give him. We salute the bus captain for helping to brighten up the day of her passengers.

In case you can’t see the image above, this is what he said in his post:

What a wonderful Saturday morning.
This morning I wanted to take SBS bus number 102 to Hougang Interchange on bus SBS8992K.
I totally forgotten that I never mask when I stepped out from home. It was this kind lady bus driver (LBD) who has reminded me that I never wear mask.
I immediately stepped out of the bus and wanted to run back home to get my mask. She then shouted at me to go back to her. I was already about 5M away from the bus and didn’t hear her clearly.
When I return to the bus, she said she has spare masks. She then gave me a mask from a zip lock bag. She even ask if one is enough.
This was the conversation between us:
LBD: 先生,早上好。你忘了带口罩。
Me: 对不起,不好意思。
Then I stepped out from bus… about to run back home..
LBD: 先生,请你回来。。。。。then I can’t hear what she said after that… so, I went back to her.
Me: 什么事情?
LBD: 我这有口罩, 你拿去用吧。一个够吗???
ME: 一个就够了。。非常谢谢你。不好意思。
LBD: 没关系。小意思。
I went to get a seat and went back to her again. I told her I wanted to thank her by writing her a compliment. I asked can I take her picture and share on Facebook. She pose and say thank you. She say just put the bus number will do.
May God bless you kind lady bus driver.


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