Man gets jail and says he received hate mail

After the clip went viral online on 4/4/19, British national and Singapore permanent resident Stuart Boyd Mills began receiving hate mail and abuse, his lawyer said.

The 47-year-old has since been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, said lawyer Ramesh Tiwary.

Mills pleaded guilty on Monday (23 Sep 2019) to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt, with a second charge of using abusive words taken into consideration for sentencing.

The court heard that he had been drinking at Roxy Square on the night of Apr 3 this year, and after having a third of a bottle of liquor, was trying to find an exit out of the mall to the car park.

Past midnight, Mills was taunting the victim Andrew Lim, the security supervisor that was on duty at the time. Mr Lim, who works for Regal Security, then explained to Mills where the exits of the mall at 50 East Coast Road were located. Deputy Public Prosecutor Vincent Ong asked for two weeks’ jail to be imposed, saying Mills had committed an “unprovoked and thuggish attack” on a security officer merely doing his duty.

Mills has also paid S$2,000 in compensation to the victim and indicated from the start that he wanted to plead guilty.


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