Is This Allowed ? Reports Lodged Against “Polite Car”

It’s common to see various types of vehicles manoeuvring through traffic. 

However, a unique vehicle has recently caught the attention of motorists and netizens alike. This multipurpose vehicle (MPV), at first glance, appears to be a police patrol vehicle. 

Upon closer inspection, the word “polite” instead of “police” becomes apparent, along with a QR code leading to an ice-cream shop’s website. 

This “Polite Car” has sparked a mix of amusement and concern among Singaporeans.

The “Polite Car” Unveiled 

SG Road Vigilante / Facebook

On June 15, photos of the “Polite Car” were posted online, attracting significant attention. 

The vehicle, owned by businessman Goh Yong Wei, 32, is a Toyota Alphard adorned with decals that make it resemble a police car from afar. 

Goh, who also owns an ice-cream shop, strategically placed a QR code on the vehicle, linking to his shop’s website.

Goh explained that his primary motivation was to enhance his visibility on the road and encourage other drivers to slow down and give way, thus avoiding potential collisions. 

Having experienced over 10 car and bike accidents in the past four years, Goh believes these decals have significantly improved his driving experience and safety.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

The public’s response to the “Polite Car” has been divided. Some netizens appreciate the humour and creativity behind the concept, seeing it as a clever marketing strategy. 

Others, however, feel it is misleading and potentially problematic, as the vehicle can be mistaken for an official police car.

Comments on the SG Road Vigilante post reflect this division. 

Supporters of Goh’s initiative commend him for finding a unique way to promote road safety and his business simultaneously. 


Detractors argue that the design could cause confusion or panic among motorists, which might lead to dangerous situations on the road.

Safety and Legal Concerns

SG Road Vigilante / Facebook

While the Land Transport Authority (LTA) does not object to sticker advertisements or decals on vehicles, they must meet specific criteria. 

These include prohibitions against graphics and words that are pornographic, obscene, vulgar, seditious, or offensive to any religion. As long as these conditions are met, vehicle owners are free to decorate their vehicles as they wish.

However, the police have been alerted to the “Polite Car” and are currently investigating the matter. 

The primary concern is whether the vehicle’s appearance could be considered intentionally misleading and if it poses any risk to public safety.

Goh’s Perspective

For Goh, the “Polite Car” is more than just a marketing tool. 

It’s a reflection of his personal experiences and frustrations with the driving culture in Singapore. 

He describes the driving culture as lacking graciousness, especially during peak hours, and sees his vehicle’s decals as a way to foster more cautious and considerate driving behaviour.

Goh’s previous experiences with a motorbike adorned with similar decals further reinforce his belief in their effectiveness. 

Despite the controversy, he remains positive about the impact of his initiative. He notes that many drivers react with amusement and positivity, often giving him a thumbs-up when they realise the vehicle is not an official police car.

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