Genting Highland Landslide on 5th Nov 2019

A major landslide struck Genting Highlands in Bentong, today, burying a portion of a major road at the popular tourist resort and leaving hundreds of holiday-goers stranded.

The 5pm incident, which occurred following a non-stop downpour since 2pm, saw mud and rock burying a portion of both lanes of Jalan Genting-Amber Court, resulting in access to a nearby hotel and apartment building being completely blocked.

No one was injured in the incident, however.

Several videos taken moments after the landslide occurred have emerged online. One 30-second video captured by mobile phone shows a thick trail of mud, rock and debris running down the side of a hill, over Jalan Genting-Amber Court, and further down the terraced hillside. The First World Hotel is visible to the left of the landslide, while a long line of stationary cars can be seen snaking down the road.


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