Food delivery PMD rider plights

PMD-riders who use their e-vehicles as a means of making a living have been up in arms over the ban on e-scooters on footpaths. Many have voiced their concerns, even appearing en masse at Meet-The-People sessions in an attempt to express their unhappiness to those in authority. 

On social media, the debate has raged on with many netizens taking an approving stance towards the ban. Comments have overwhelmingly expressed the new sense of safety pedestrians feel on the footpaths and applauded the Government for taking stern measures to deal with this issue decisively. 

PMD ban

Netizen Chisty Koh was adamant that “Lives are more important than livelihoods”, having witnessed multiple cases of near accidents due to errant riders.


While another netizen Jean Pong had her own unwelcome incident with a PMD that affected her 80-year old father.


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Despite the overwhelming support for the ban, there were others like Top Fan Nazri Johri who expressed his sympathies for many whose livelihoods were affected severely by this sudden ban.


Watch our video interview with a PMD Food Delivery rider who is now searching desperately for an alternative source of income after investing his life savings into owning an LTA-approved PMD to make a living from Food Delivery.

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