Fatal accident at SLE involving truck and motorcycle


Malaysian motorcyclist, 45, gets hit by long-haul truck, resulting in death of rider. Cause of direct accident is still unknown but newsmedia has stated two other vehicles involved in the accident, which can be seen in other circulating media. Accident occurred on SLE after Upper Thomson towards Woodlands at about 8.45am on Monday morning. Huge traffic jam at standstill due to this fatal accident.

The ROADS.sg team took a while discussing the value of this piece of content, and ultimately decided that if the video brought even a small bit of justice to the family of the deceased, or if hopefully it spurs authorities to introspect and enact smarter policies, or to mete out judgement on those involved – or even if it simply made riders and drivers take a good hard look at their driving habits and how they treat their fellow commuters, then it would be worth it. We wish only the deepest condolences to the family of the motorcyclist.

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