Elderly man on PMA tries to hit SMRT staff at Bugis station

Police report made after elderly man on PMA tries to hit SMRT staff at Bugis station

Source: Celestine Lim

A police report has been made following an altercation between an elderly man in a motorised wheelchair and an SMRT staff member at Bugis MRT station.

The SMRT staff member advised the elderly man that the selling of items was not permitted on the station premises, said an SMRT spokesperson in a statement on Tuesday (17 December).

An altercation subsequently occurred between the (personal mobility aid user) and our staff.  This video started circulating from 14 December, the elderly man is seen charging in his motorised wheelchair at the SMRT employee while trying to kick him.

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As the employee backs away to avoid being hit, the elderly man then comes to a stop. He appears to fall out of his wheelchair’s seat and land on the floor.

This happened on 21/11/19

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