E-scooter riders are to take theory test & be at least 16 years of age to ride on cycling paths

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Implementation of the new regulations, in the very near future

The recommendations are:

1) Third-party liability insurance: Businesses to procure mandatory third-party liability insurance to cover e-scooter users who ride in the course of work.

2) Theory test: To mandate a theory test requirement for e-scooter users, prior to being allowed to ride on cycling paths.

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3) Minimum age: To impose a minimum age requirement of 16 years to use an e-scooter on cycling paths. Those below the age of 16 can continue to use e-scooters under adult supervision.

4) Use of mobile phone: To disallow the use of mobile phones when riding an active mobility device on public paths, unless the mobile phone is mounted or used in a hands-free manner. This will also cover active mobility devices used on roads.

5) Code of Conduct for all path users: To introduce a Code of Conduct for all path users on how to share paths safely. The current Code of Conduct which focuses on device users will be expanded to include guidelines to encourage pedestrians to keep left, keep to footpaths, and for all path users to be alert to their surroundings.

For full details read CNA here

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