Drunk rider fell and police was called

Credit: JL

This biker appeared to have self-skidded in front of me just as I was passing by.

“I went to help the riders up and noticed immediately that both the main rider and pillion were reeking of alcohol. Once they both got up and neither were injured, they tried immediately to ride off again. But the rider was so inebriated that he was fumbling to start his bike and almost toppled over a few times. I switched off his engine and took away his keys and called for TP to come because I felt that if I didn’t stop them from riding off, they would definitely end up as roadkill or worse, injure some other innocent road users in his drunken state.

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When TP arrived I handed over the bike keys, gave my statement and left. Rider did not have any license to produce when TP asked for it and was extremely intoxicated throughout the time that I observed him.” – JL

Happened on 23/10/19 at 9.45 pm along AYE towards Tuas just after Lower Delta exit.

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