Driver of BMW SJT7332Y fleeing from an LTA officer in pursuit


Police said the officer had spotted the white BMW in Geylang Bahru Road on Wednesday morning. Suspecting it to be carrying a false licence plate, he instructed the driver to stop, but the driver drove off.

While trying to elude the LTA officer, the driver first hit a taxi in Geylang Bahru Road (towards Bendemeer Road) and later collided with a parked BMW in the vicinity of Block 22 St George’s Road.

A resident of the block, Mr He Zhi Gang, 60, witnessed the accident from his fourth-storey unit. He said: “When I looked out the window, I saw the white BMW driving fast, crashing into the gantry while entering the estate.

“From the gantry, he sped towards Block 22, while an LTA officer was tailing him from behind. Then I saw him crash into a black BMW in the open-air carpark.”

The driver abandoned the car after the crash and fled on foot.

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The owner of the black BMW, a 38-year-old property agent who wanted to be known only as Mr Zhang, told reporters that he had the car for less than six months.

“I am guessing the cost to repair the damage would be a few thousand. But if you look at the positives, if the driver had crashed into the opposite direction away from my car, it would have surely have hit pedestrians,” he added.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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