Clementi crash that killed NUS undergrad: One passenger now suing ex-cabby and other driver


One of the four passengers in a taxi involved in an accident at a Clementi road junction two years ago, that left one of them dead, has sued both the cabby and the driver of the oncoming car for negligence.

National University of Singapore (NUS) student Ting Jun Heng was the centre rear seat passenger in the taxi at the time, sitting beside fellow undergraduate Kathy Ong Kai Ting, 19, who died in the accident.

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Mr Ting, 23, who now walks with a slight limp and has a speech impediment, is seeking unspecified damages from former cabby Yap Kok Hua, 56, and Ng Li Ning, 23, the driver of the Nissan that crashed into the taxi.

A four-day trial to determine liability opened in the High Court on Tuesday (June 16).

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