Chain Bus Collision Along Tampines, 11 in hospital

On the morning of Wednesday, February 12, three buses were involved in a chain collision at the junction of Tampines Ave 7 and Ave 9. SBS buses 19 and 37, and Go-Ahead Singapore number 34 hit one another at 6.45am, injuring at least 10 passengers and a bus driver, who had to be taken to hospital.

The accident progression was reported as follows: SBS Service 19 was rear-ended by SBS Service 37 because it was first rear-ended by Go-Ahead Service 34.

SBS communications reported that none of the SBS bus drivers nor passengers were injured in the accident.

By the time of the article publishing, Go-Ahead communications reported that it’s bus driver and all 10 passengers had been discharged from the hospital and the company is currently contacting the passengers to provide assistance.

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