Car with Fake Singapore Plate Found in Johor Bahru

Article from Complaint Singapore:

” An anonymous tip-off came in and reported a white colour Honda Civic is suspected to be using a fake Singapore car license plate and roaming around in Johor Bahru area, committing various crimes etc.

Based on the information provided, the said vehicle is fully tinted and unable to see the interior of the vehicle, and there are no visible decals on the front windscreen.

Upon checking on Singapore’s One Motoring website shows the said car plate number – SKA 1781 L is registered to a Honda Vezel, and not the said Honda Civic found in Johor Bahru area.

The road tax of the rightful vehicle is also valid till 15 June 2020.

If you happen to know the rightful owner of the vehicle: Honda Vezel – SKA 1781 L, please contact us for more details HERE.

*Note: Effective from 15 February 2017, Singapore-registered vehicles do not need to display the road tax disc on their vehicle windscreen. ( Source: LTA )

Below are some photographs taken of the said Honda Civic, suspected of displaying a fake Singapore number plate in johor Bahru area:




Article credit: complaint singapore

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