Be on the look out for SBB9369T white Honda driver

Source: SG Road Vigilante

This is the car to look out for on the road. Driver of SBB9369T white Honda Civic Type R. Caught driving recklessly and have little or no regard for other’s safety.

a)   23 January 2019 was caught using the road shoulder on PIE to overtake cars on a heavy traffic day.

b)   20 November 2019 was caught again on camera driving impatiently and cutting into biker’s lane. He was seen to be upset and  drove dangerously just to catch up and then start blocking the biker. Also seen was a lorry swerving away in order to avoid an accident.

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Keep a proper lookout for this car and the driver. Postings and tracking of this reckless driver will assist TP and insurance companies in more ways than you can imagine.

Hopefully, this driver will mend his ways and help keep our shared roads safe for all to use.


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