Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

If you’ve been a driver for a number of years, it often feels like you’re an expert in all things car and driving related. Without even realising, you may be engaging in secretly sinister habits that are damaging your vehicle in the long run. We’ve got some good news for you though: these bad habits can be changed!

Read on to find out what are some bad habits that are damaging your car. 


Running On Low Fuel Or An Empty Tank 

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Fuel is essential for the gas pump to be lubricated, and without it, the chances of the engine  overheating is much higher. Potential sediment and debris that’s found a home at the bottom of the tank may also get drawn up into the gas pump.

For maximum efficiency, it’s recommended that you refuel between ¼ to ½ a tank. 


Skimping On A Car Wash

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No matter how careful you are with picking your car wash, anytime you wash your car, you risk damaging your car. The application of abrasive and harsh chemicals on the paint finish overtime can wear down the exterior of your car. 

On the other hand, while hand washing your car is more gentle, the car isn’t really being cleaned when you consider the double-dipping that occurs when you use a single pail of water to clean your car. 

Touchless car washes are recommended to reduce the risk of scratches, and they do a pretty decent job of cleaning the car. 


Driving Too Fast Over Speed Bumps

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Going too fast over a speed bump means your shocks are unable to absorb energy rapidly. This can cause physical damage, or lead to leaking hydraulic fluid. If you repeat this often, the shocks will begin to break down, leading to your tires losing contact with the road during quick stops. When this happens, your car is more prone to being airborne, leading to an easier loss of control. 

A speed of 5km/h is just right to allow your shocks to compress gently and absorb the bump, leading to proper decompression. 


Carrying Too Much Weight In Your Vehicle

Oftentimes, people don’t realize that carrying too much weight in your vehicle can damage your car. Too much weight in your vehicle will make your engine work harder, and cause you to use more gas in the short term. Additionally, having too much weight in your vehicle is bad for the braking and exhaust system. Before starting your drive, always check to see if there is anything you can take out. Or, clean your vehicle out once a week. 

You may not realise that carrying excess weight in your vehicle is damaging to it. Having too much weight in your car leads to the engine working in overtime, expending more gas. It’s also bad for the car’s braking and exhaust system. 

Don’t forget to clean out your car often so you’re not being weighed down. 

Do you have any tips for reducing damage to a car? Let us know in the comments if you have any tips we haven’t included! 

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