Are cyclists immune to following to traffic rules?

“Met with an incident at 9.25am outside of Tanglin Mall today. As shown in video, I slowed down at the traffic junction behind a cyclist. Another squeezed past me on the left to join his friend. There were vehicles on my right and we were all moving off slowly when light turned green. Suddenly I heard a bang on my car from the left rear side where my son was sitting and I stopped instantly. This 3rd cyclist came up to my left in front. I came out of the car to question him why he knocked my car and he shouted that I was squashing him to the side.

1. I did not see him coming up as I was following carefully behind the first 2 cyclists. They were slow in taking off and I tried to stay a safe distance from them.
2. From the video he rode up to my left blind side while if there was really no space then he should have waited and followed behind, instead of trying to squeeze past me since I was following behind his friends.
3. From 0:27 there was another 4th cyclist who correctly stopped to wait for the traffic to clear first.
The lane which I was driving was narrow and it merges with the lane on my right. Thus it is our responsibility to give way and exercise care.  Why did the rider choose not to give way but knocked my car and accused me of squeezing him instead?

Are cyclists immune to following to traffic rules?
The cyclist then rode off.”
Submitted by Chee Chien
Cheapest Motor Insurance

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