S$900 fine and eight month driving ban for driver who took unwarranted video of PM Lee’s son

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This court action comes nine months after the incident on Mar 15, with the clips going viral and police stepping in to investigate.

Andrew Sim upon “Recognising Mr Li as the son of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, he pulled up to the taxi stand area, rolled down the passenger-side window and offered Mr Li a ride,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tay Jingxi.

Andrew Sim Kay Yong, 32, pleaded guilty to one charge under the Road Traffic Act of using his phone to record four video clips of 37-year-old Li Yipeng while driving.

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The court heard that Sim was driving a Toyota Estima along 1 Esplanade Drive when he spotted Mr Li waiting at the taxi stand of the Esplanade Mall at about 3.50pm.

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