All PMD and PAB users will have to take a mandatory theory test by 2021

Credit: SG Cycling/PMD related news

Path safety for all users is a key priority for us as we continue to foster active mobility! With the passing of the Active Mobility (Amendment) and Shared Mobility Enterprises (Control and Licensing) Bills in Parliament today, various measures will be introduced progressively from Apr 2020 to further enhance the safety of both path and device users.

Some of these include a mandatory theory test for e-scooter and PAB users, compulsory device inspections and an extension of the footpath ban to include other types of motorised PMDs such as electric unicycles and hoverboards.

Food delivery companies have to provide third party insurance for all their riders.

To put greater responsibility on retailers and businesses to play their part, there will be harsher penalties on them if they commit offences such as selling non-compliant PMDs. If convicted of this offence, first-time offenders are now liable for a maximum penalty of $20,000 and/or 24 months jail term (from $5,000 and/or 3 months jail term previously).

In addition, only operators with a regular licence or class licence can offer device-sharing services and they will need to comply with our stipulated safety requirements (e.g. installation of device speedometers etc.)

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