$46 For Parking? No Problem! Man Arrested for Stealing and Damaging Car Park Facilities in Buroh Street

In a startling incident that highlights the importance of security and vigilance in public spaces, a 46-year-old man was arrested on June 12 for allegedly stealing gantry barrier arms from a car park and damaging wheel clamps at a building in Buroh Street. 

Details of the Incident

On May 24, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) received reports of theft and vandalism at a carpark in Buroh Street. 

The suspect allegedly used a metal cutter to damage two wheel clamps, valued at approximately S$500, belonging to the building’s management. 

In addition, he dismantled the carpark gantry barrier arms and stored them in his shop located within the same building. 

The audacity of the crime was compounded by the suspect’s decision to document his actions and post the videos on his personal Facebook account, where they garnered significant attention.

Source: SG Trending Video on TikTok

The Arrest

Officers from the Jurong Police Division quickly established the identity of the suspect through ground enquiries and social media investigations. 

On June 12, they apprehended the 46-year-old man, who will face charges of theft and mischief in court on June 13. 

If convicted of theft, the suspect could be sentenced to up to three years in prison, fined, or both. 

For the mischief charge, he faces up to two years in prison, a fine, or both.

Social Media Impact

The suspect’s decision to upload videos of his criminal activities to social media added a layer of complexity to the case. The videos, posted on May 24 and 25, received over 39,000 views and more than 45 comments. 

In the first video, the suspect is seen instructing two men to use handheld equipment to remove the wheel clamps. 

He then uses a penknife to dismantle three barrier arms, placing them in his vehicle to exit the building. 

In the second video, he is seen removing another gantry barrier arm. 

This brazen documentation not only served as evidence but also shocked viewers and highlighted the ease with which such acts could be carried out.

Source: SG Trending Video on TikTok

Implications for Security

This incident underscores the need for enhanced security measures in public and private car parks across Singapore. 

Building managements and property owners must consider investing in robust surveillance systems and regularly inspecting their facilities to prevent similar occurrences. 

The case also serves as a reminder to the public about the importance of reporting suspicious activities and cooperating with law enforcement agencies.

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