Former taxi driver has been remanded in IMH

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“Feng Zhanning, a 42-year-old Singaporean taxi driver was charged in court on Thursday (Dec 5) with criminal intimidation and causing hurt, after he was fired from taxi operator TransCab over two incidents that went viral about two weeks ago. The police said that was arrested on Wednesday at Woodlands Checkpoint.

Feng has been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric observation and will return to court on 19 December.

Exclusive interview with Feng reveals perspective

“In an exclusive, Feng told Lianhe Wanbao that he has nothing much to say in response to the online criticism he received. Feng, who highlighted that he was “provoked” by drivers who got into his way on purpose, said,

“That driver was side winding. He came in front of me, when I was at the third lane turning to the fourth. He came to the fourth and when I’m turning to the third lane, he came to the third lane too. For a couple of times, he came in front of me to block my way and almost led to an accident. I asked him to get off his car. However, he refused and still dared to film me. The other incident is also a similar case. – Feng

He emphasized that he does not need to explain his actions and he does not care what netizens say. He also claims to be “god” & intend to “live in seclusion”.

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When the reporter visited the condominium where Feng used to stay in Johor Bahru, the reporter noticed that several residents did not recognize Feng and were shocked that Feng was the agitated cabby in the viral videos.

Feng told the reporter that he plans to return to China and live in seclusion for at least one to four years.” – TodayOnline

Article source: TodayOnline


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