E-scooter crash test with Biofidelic Dummy

Probably the first of its kind with dummy crash test for e-scooter

Source: fka GmbH

In this series of experiments, we will demonstrate possible accident scenarios between vehicles and e-scooters in order to generate awareness safety issues when these two road users meet in an accident.

For a realistic assessment of the causes of injury to the e-scooter riders and to derive adequate safety measures, further tests with moving vehicles, Biofidelic Dummy and special measuring devices are required.

The Dummy was not equipped with sensors because these tests were pre-tests for optimizing the test procedure with focus on the reproducible of the tests not on the test results itself. To generate valid injury criteria values, specialized Biofidelic Dummies would be used (e.g. the polar-dummy). These tests could also be combined with simulations using Human Body Models (HMB) which could potentially also mimic the reaction of the person prior to impact (protective measures, muscle contraction etc.) – this is a research topic. Looking at results from other tests, e.g. head form impact, it is clear that hitting a pillar directly with the head like seen in the 90° impact would definitely be very severe or vital. So wearing a helmet should be absolutely mandatory.

To date, detailed accident data for scooters is still quite limited, and the scenarios shown here are rather generic (crossing, left turn, right turn). The allowable maximum speed of electric scooters depends on national, local or city laws, but technically most scooters are designed for top speeds (electric support) around 15 mph (just over 24 kph). As we did not use a moving vehicle in these tests we decided to set the impact speed to 25 kph. We conducted these tests also to generate experience to further optimize the test setup for an even more precise adjustment of the impact speed for future crash tests.

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